Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Shortlist 1

The One Who Played Inverse

I can't remember when we started getting close. Heck, I can't remember if we really got that close. Back then, I'd see you at the tambayan, greeting everyone with a Japanese bow. And back then, I remember asking you if you had a karelasyon when you were in high school. After all, that was how your school got famous in ours, aside from the fact that it was fantasy land. hahaha. I also remember you, another friend and me talking about what doesn't get digested by the stomach and comes out of the body the way it looked like when it came in... while we ate some Pipanganan tacos at Casaa; something you made a post about. I think that's when we talked about and decided to watch this film involving teeth and fingers and stuff getting bitten off by the most unexpected part of the body. And then, there was the time when I was going to the Mall alone to buy some stuff, and it so happened that you got in the same jeep as I was in and so I asked you to help me out. And before we went home, I asked you to treat me at this coffee shop which you happily(or so I think. :D) obliged, and then you got irritated when the barista put my name on the cup that was supposedly yours because you collected those cups at home. Then there was the nike bag. Then there was December.

I think yours was the rockiest friendship I ever had. We get close( or so, again, I think) then we drift apart. There was this time we didn't talk because of something I don't want to think about anymore. Then, there was also this time we didn't talk for apparently no reason at all ( or so, again, I think) I remember you once said that, there are instances where you get close to a person. And, when the time comes that you don't get together with that person often, you drift away. And sometimes, it gets to a point where you avoid the person when you get together. I've seen this happen. And I fear that sooner or later I'd be the receiving end of this pagiwas. Then again, there are things that are meant to happen. And I get back to reminiscing.

You always told me back then when I fail a subject that, no matter what happens, our parents are biologically meant to love us, or something of that sort. And, somehow, those words eased the stress I got... until I eventually became indifferent to failing. hahahaha. Now maybe it's my turn. Whatever happens, I'll be here, to laugh at you, to laugh with you, and to laugh at that stupid basketball player you so adore. In the end, I know, it's these things I'll miss more than the nights we play DotA.

If it's meant to be, it will be. I know it's meant to be. XD

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