Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ego Overboost

As people I know...err... know, I've been getting good results with my studies lately. Well, honestly, this is not as fulfilling as it would have been years or months ago. Still, it feels good to know I'm not a total academe failure. My first weeks at my new(4Th) school were a breeze since I was still adjusting to the new environment and I was lax. But I was too lax that I was getting average results on my quizzes. Then the wake up call came and the results thereafter were unexpected. Currently, I'm achieving grades my fresh-grad-from-high-school self would only dream of. While listening to my boring instructor; looking outside the classroom window; wondering what I would do after class. I have my failed 5-year-attempt-for-a-college-degree to thank for, and practically, all the people I met during those years. Right now, I'm looking at a piece of paper with the words "test" "I.Q." and something blurred and torn with the letters "S" and "T". Maybe it has something to do with a word that sounds a lot like "Sheet". And a lot of sheet it has since it says "Very Superior" at the bottom. Oh, and maybe the biggest ego boost I have is this: A while ago, I passed by the Dean's office and happened to look at this sheet of paper which says "Dean's Lister". The highest average written was I think somewhere between 1.30 and 1.40. Well, by the end of the semester I'm hoping with crossed fingers for 11 units' worth  1.0 each, 6 units worth  1.25 each, and.. hmmm... 4 units worth 1.5 each. Maybe I'm counting eggs too early, but this moment, the words "I can" really mean more than they ever did. And, yeah, I'm very proud to say, I can!


It feels a bit disconcerting. The other day, I heard on the news that a certain government department was proposing a certain project meant to ease traffic along a certain major street. The proposal was about building a tunnel that would serve as a secondary express road during normal, dry seasons, and flood control drainage during the rainy seasons. Oh, now I know why I feel this way. For a final report on my Traffic Engineering subject during my last month in my favored course at my favored university, I made a similar proposal, though for a different, more relevant street: a tunnel that could ease traffic and could act as a drainage during rainy seasons below the road connecting the university avenue, and that avenue going to that other university.  I'm not saying the idea was solely mine. It's just that, if ever that proposal by the department was actually a great one, in part, I, too,was able to come up with a great idea. I, too, can come up with great ideas!


The final ego boost came in the form of an E-mail. Yesterday I sent this set of.....hmmmm... let's just say "illustrations".... to a certain person.... hmmmm... let's just say "I really look up to". A few days back, the person requested for the "illustrations" for a certain activity; something I won't disclose. Anyway, since I had tons of free time, I made the requests, though they were a bit rough, and sent them yesterday through E-mail. A while ago, I saw the reply and read it. I read it slowly and got stunned a few milliseconds short of Nessaj's when I came across this statement, which, by the way, made my day and gave me the biggest smile. Nuff said. XD