Saturday, January 1, 2011

So Much to be Thankful For (Agu-residents Edition)

There's the old one from that relatively young org batch, who doesn't like walking long distances(like from tambayan to her college) who is addicted to playing a zombie LAN game, who is afraid of ghosts, who think she has gotten fat and young, and likes pink.

Then there's the one who is bitter about her sister, who also plays the mentioned zombie LAN game, who is academically better than most of us, and glows pink at the mention of a certain person's name.

Then thewe's the one who is weally good with math, who lives somewhewe faw, who has lots of haiw and has a unique facial featuwe.

Then there's the one who is sometimes nerdy when it comes to food stuff, who is good at dressing wounds, and likes the word "chever".

Then there's the one who is good at playing basketball, good at playing the guitar, who composed the melody of a certain song, and has slits for eyes.

Then there's the one who collects ten peso coins, who regularly eats pizza, is addicted to a certain music game, plays the previously mentioned LAN game, and has kick-ass stuff for earrings.

Then there's the one who likes to dance, who has a sweet smile, and is a big fan of a certain Cyrus.

Then there's the one who is good at computer games, who is amazing, wonderful, and perfect according to a certain unrelated something, who hasn't moved on yet, and who is a magnet to the third kind.

Then there's the small one.

Then there's the one who looks good in boots, who, too, is a good dancer, who plays the same LAN game, who is a bully sometimes, and who likes touching man boobs.

Then there's the big one.

Then there's the one who has many stories to tell, who plays basketball, who is also good at computer games, and has a line for a brow.

Then there's the fat one.

Then there's the one who speaks un poquito espanol, who has a korean pet, who composed the lyrics of a certain song, and who always wears a V.

Then there's the one who has an expensive camera, who came back from a far place, and has a pitch as high as everest.

And finally, there's the one who has a warm yet chilly voice, who doesn't like Christmas, who is studying language stuff, who "attracts" emo songs from the radio, who has a fantastic room mate, and who always looks haggard.

For all dem people who significantly contributed to 2010, my gratitude be yours. XP

The Year That Was

The year started with the family arriving back home from Cagayan. It was the farthest trip we've been and though it wasn't the most adventurous, I still enjoyed the vacation. We arrived at our house minutes before the new year countdown and BAM! A new year had arrived.
After media noche, we were all knocked out on our beds, dead tired from the long drive in an uncomfortable van. haha.
That was January.

Then came February. The dawn was getting colder. The breeze was getting stronger. After more than 2 years, I was able to attend U.P. fair where I got my first ever ATM card. The previous U.P. fair I attended was foiled because some self centered idiots literally gate crashed the venue. It was also the first time I played RB with friends who won Babarug Pipitik, after which, I somehow got addicted. And there was the vibrating speakers.

The end of the school year was nearing. Deadlines were fast approaching. I decided to run for externals vice president, thinking this might be the last thing I could offer the org. I wasn't really confident about winning then, and I was merely relying on luck. I lost, but pledged(in my mind) to be supportive of whomever won. Then there was acads. By the end of the month, only one subject had to be finished.
Out with March.

April came with my last exam. I was deciding on attending summer classes but I've missed vacation for 3 years and I decided to have this one. The month was also the start of grad parties. I attended more than 3! Haha. Then there was the epic Tribute, where I witnessed the worst(if not hilarious) in-car fight I've ever seen! There was also the frequent trips to U.P. just so I could hang out with friends. My memory of the month ended with an embarrassing trip from U.P. to Paseo de Roxas at ayala where I walked from the train station, past SM, Glorietta and Greenbelt unaware that my zipper was open!

Then there was May. Oh May. First, I got drunk at my friend's graduation party. Then there was my most memorable(if not controversial) Baguio trip with my close friends where one had to make an alibi to her parents that she was staying at Q.C. just so she could join. We mostly stayed at our house. The farthest we've actually been to was mines view park. And then, I was back to my acads. It turns out, I have a subject, that subject, which was still marked as (4.0). Apparently, I can't deal with the subject immediately because my professor on that subject was at the hospital having surgery.

The academic year was about to start. I had a status of "Dismissed" because of one subject... that subject. I fixed the problem and got a contract in exchange of my readmission. I was optimistic since this was my birth month, and I had to celebrate my birthday on a week long duration. I mostly treated my newfound(if not young) friends and hung out with them until we all got tired and the clock neared 12. New academic year=new residence! Then went June.

Then came July. I was accepted in the newest dorm in town but I still had a contract with my previous residence so, effectively, I had two rooms/residence. I also started getting addicted to L4D. Then there was CEER, our committee's big event.

It started with hell week. Three of my subjects scheduled an exam on the same week. 2 reports were due. My bag(my favorite at that time) was stolen during a bus trip form MOA to U.P. because I slept. August was starting to be all academic. Then again, I always went home late because I saw to it that I hung out with my friends.

The last few weeks of the academic year was approaching, as marked by September. Also, I was having a preview of what my future academic status would be. Still, I was confident. There was still more to catch up. Then again, I was lazy to do stuff.

October decided my fate. I had 3 failing sbjects. My optimism didn't work. Still, I removed that from my conscious and focused on the preparations for Pautakan. It was actually my first time to sleep at a friend's house, and also, my first time to help prepare in this event. And then I noticed...her.

My fate was sealed. I actually sealed it. I had the worst day in my life. But I had to move on. November was the start of a new chapter in my college life. Then again, I still yearned for what was, hoping that once again, it will be. And then, the fateful message that started the silence.

The best had cometh. Relatives from abroad stayed at our house. There were a lot of stuff. A lot of chocolates! December. The year was about to end. It was my first time to join caroling. My second time to miss the anniversary party. My first time to have guests at home who stayed 'til midnight. Then there was the amazing race. Christmas celebration wasn't really my best. So was New Year's eve. I was expecting that this one would top the previous one, but it didn't. It was my most boring holiday. Still, there are lots to be thankful for; especially the gifts!

The previous year ended with a pffft. There was the best and the worst. And so, I begin the new year with optimism, and hopefully, much more effort in all the things I do. Everything that happened in 2010 belongs to the past. 2011 is the now. Here's to a more exciting, fruitful and meaningful "now!" Happy 2011!