Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Stone, The Drifter, The Lover and Me

As of the time being, I just officially refused passing a Machine Problem on a subject which I barely understood due to the fact that I feared asking questions or clarifications about the lessons due to the fact that I fear I was the only one who would ask due to the fact that I was slow in comprehending stuff due to the fact that I was lazy to think and I fear it would prove how undeserving I was to where I was thus proving the last.

Also, I just finished reading the latest chapter of my most favourite Manga, I just finished typing nearly 50% of a technical report due in 14 and ½ hours, I just realized how low I got in my most recent exam in our Transpo. Eng’g. Subject (a whoping 15%! And that was an open notes exam! Oh well, what’s new), I just realized how the semester is about to end and how I almost am failing in everything except, well, nothing. I’m near in concluding how messed up this week is, this semester is, and that, maybe I’d be seeing more of U.P., if not college life in general, for another 2 years. I’m so upset that maybe, just maybe, I’d be ditching people later in our planned John Mayer side seeing(we’ll just be watching along the sidelines of the concert ground) Oh, yes, I feel like I’m not part of the plan anymore. That’s how down I feel at the moment. Still, these all come to pass and in the blink of my(Buduy’s) broadband modem, everything will fade.