Monday, April 26, 2010

Something for Si

Paikut-ikot ang mundo. Minsan umaabot sa ito na'y nakakalito, nakakahilo. Tataas, bababa, paikut-ikot, paulit-ulit, pero di nakakasawa. Madalas nga ito'y nakakatuawa.

I see her sweet smile
by the corner of my eye
in the middle of the night
with the starry starry skies
as I feel her look at me
through the thick of the canopy
But as I tried to look at her
she pulled and looked away
Like acting innocent
from a crime that has been made
how it felt weird
that maybe she didn't really stare
that maybe I was just hoping
that somehow I might have been dreaming
for that sweet smile to have been for me
That sweet smile
She looks so gentle, so innocent
with lips like an angel's,
with eyes that glitter with life
with a face striking in simplicity
all I see is beauty and
That sweet smile
Dream and hope I'd favor
that someday through this time,
she could be mine
and I, be hers
I'd do everything
whatever it may take
I wont hold back
I have a big C on Si.

Friday, April 23, 2010

What Now?

So here I am sulking in front of my computer about the fact that most of my batch mates have graduated and I'm still yet into the "fourth" year of my five-year course. As I look at my FB account, I can't help but be jealous of the graduation pictures and stuff my friends post or get tagged with. No, I feel envious! Why haven't I graduated yet? Am I in the right course? in the right school? No wait, I am in the right course and I am in the best school or university for that matter. I love my course though it doesn't show in my grades. Haha. I'm pretty much enjoying the school though I think I got too attached to the people(my friends) that, now that they have left, it seems I lost that certain enjoyment. But then again, this might just be an effect of envy. Then again, I don't envy the fact that they are leaving us. It's more of "they are leaving" than "we are being left"

I see my self on a platform, receiving a rolled piece of white paper, my parents among the crowds clapping their hands, people in ceremonial clothes shaking my hands, and a lot of lights flashing. This is how I imagine my graduation.

Lying on my bed, browsing with my laptop, spacing out, waiting for the night, waiting for sleep, waiting. This is how I see my life after graduation.
Well, sure, I already have plans after graduation. But the fact for me is, after college, there is so much time with so much to do. And this is a nuisance for me. I procrastinate. Time is my kryptonite. If I have all the time in the world, I get easily bored and lazy.

Graduation is still far for me. Maybe that's why I'm getting all agitated, excited, remorseful, what not! I want to experience it! That feeling of being overwhelmed with all the time there is, spending hours on thinking what to do with all that time. And then, spending a couple more hours re-thinking. And before I know it, my clock has ticked, and it's nap time to the grave.

People say graduation is just the beginning, that's why it's called commencement exercises. And yes, it is the beginning; the start of living a life that has been tested and molded by 20 years in the learning process. It is the beginning of a more complex life. And before people realize it, they're leaving again, this time forever.

I always tell my self never to regret the things that have already been done. There's no use doing so because then, it would only bring one a heavy feeling. I never regret all those 5.0 that I got. I never regret all those relationships I've lost. I never regret those times I've wasted. And I don't regret not graduating now. I'll have my time.

And, yeah, I may prefer leaving than being left behind, but in the end, I'd rather have the latter.

To the graduates, congratulations and God bless. See you on the way. :D

Thursday, April 22, 2010


The surroundings fade and I'm in black and white. As I'm engulfed by darkness, my hand sees light.
The tunes get louder with the keys I strike. I run quickly but my ears get tight.
I strike harder till my fingers blow. I breathe deeper till my eyes glow.

I listen intently with no sound bare. My heart skips a beat as I gasp for air.
The sound came shot from a distance far away. The song went crawling as my mind shivers and sway.
The chair was back and so did the piano. I came to my senses with the strike of