Sunday, December 11, 2011

'Tis the Season

This welcomed my Christmas Season.

Last Thursday, as was required in one of my subjects, we had a fieldwork somewhere in Tarlac.
We were supposed to look for a rough, unpaved road, and survey it. We chose this road in the middle of rice fields at Tarlac since it was close enough to what the subject required. Anyway, though last week was a rain riddled week, Thursday had an energetic sun beaming brightly; so for our survey, we had to work under its heat, and over the muddy road. We didn't last long under the heat and when noon approached, we searched for a shade where we can rest and have lunch. We passed by this small sari-sari store  which had concrete benches and a nice shade. The store stood in front of a rice field and a small, unfinished house. One of my classmates politely asked the tindero if we could stay in front of the store to eat. The guy invitingly directed us to a nipa hut behind the store and said we could use that since it had a table, which was actually a high bed. I felt suspicious at first since I thought it was unusual for people to be too hospitable. Then, the guy came back from their house with a pitcher of water and ice and a tray of glasses and I was amazed since I don't experience this very often. I tried to see myself in the situation and I thought, if I were the guy, I'd just let them eat in front of the store and never bother them. Being hospitable to strangers was never my thing. Then the guy's mother checked on us. My girl classmates chatted with her and it came to a  point where she invited us to stay overnight one time. It took me long to comprehend what was happening and I have to say, I really felt guilty for being suspicious. Apparently, where life is simple, people still do acts of kindness without anything in return.


We set up our theodolite in front of one of the houses there. A theodolite is similar to a small telescope on a graduated stand, though it has cross hairs used to sight graduations on rods. Anyway, we were sighting the theodolite when a girl passed beside us, shouted "Ay may nagsh-shooting!" and rushed towards the house hiding her face behind her hands. We looked at each other and tried to prevent ourselves from laughing. Then someone shouted, "oo nga no, ayun o, si Robin!"