Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rigid Pavements

It was late, probably a few minutes after eight.
Students started leaving their rooms 
It was after all the last day of regular classes 
People were itching to get home and do their business. 
Probably to study for tomorrow's finals, or not.
You stood there and caught her eyes smiling in the crowd.
You veered and looked at the time, breaking the contact 
breaking the guilty pleasure you always felt looking at her smiling eyes. 
You turned back to look again and you saw her walking alone through the cold corridor.


You walked fast in excitement.
You never got to talk to her 
Not in person.
Not with everyone's teasing.
The chance presented itself.
You caught up and walked alongside 


The night sky was clear without a hint of romance.
You're back to your awkward self.
Trying to break the tension, you catch your breath
walk a few paces ahead
turn around