Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last Supper

Last night, we served our last meal as culinary students for a select number of guests.
Among the courses we served was a rack of lamb. 
It was my first time dressing a lamb rack so I had 2 minor and 2 major cuts on my left hand. 
Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to making better plates. 
So definitely, this wouldn't be the last of my involvement in the culinary world.
I'll surely miss messing up the kitchen with these guys!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Northern Bliss

I woke up to the sound of subtle waves hitting the rocks of Pangil.
I detach from reality i.e. school work, convincing myself I'm in a school-day-excused vacation sortie.
I really wanted to try swimming on the beach only to realize that these beautiful rock formations actually formed a cliff along the sea level making it unsuitable for such.
Nonetheless, I felt fascinated just standing here.

 The winds at Kapurpurawan were violent to a point that if I weren't as heavy, I could've been blown away.
 And I was blown away by the image of the blue water turning white as it hits the cliff.
 I see images of movies were the people had fun jumping from the cliff and into the sea.
 But the color of the water going from dark to light suggests that the water is relatively more shallow.
 Trying to dive from the cliff and into the sea, I suppose, would just turn the water red

 First time I saw the shorelines of Pagudpud, I felt a chill on my spine.
 I know that I always get a feeling of familiarity whenever I see a beach or the sea in general
 But seeing the beach at Pagudpud felt different.
 Maybe it's because of the white sand.
 Or maybe it's because of the feeling of isolation.
 There was literally no other people aside from us and the resort people.
 Somehow, the lack of people enjoying the beach made it look sad
 And it's actually a good thing.
 The beach can be preserved for a longer time.
 And maybe, I'd see the day when I'd be taking my own children to this beach and let them enjoy the beach that I was enchanted by years back

Late Afternoon
Before sunset, I and my friends planned on walking the entire shoreline of the beach. 
The goal was to reach that tip of the beach way over there, opposite to were I sat.
The soft sand made it difficult for me to walk since the shore was sloped and my foot would sink a few inches everytime I made a step. 
Even stepping on the deep footprints made by my friends made no difference as I only sank deeper. 
It took at least 30 minutes before we got to the tip and by that time, it was already dark
Going back to the cottage, we had to walk another 30 minutes plus so we just decided to walk out into the streets and take a tricycle. 

We got a glimpse of the setting sun as we were walking the by the beach.
The moment was definitely enchanting!
Sadly, the moment could have been better if it was spent with someone more special
The night along the streets of Vigan was spectacular and spooky. 
The yellow street lights highlighted the vintage ambiance of Calle Crisologo while the residents standing and staring by their windows on the upper floor made it feel like I was in an old horror movie.
Add to that the time capsule old houses, and you get a set worthy of a MGB Holloween special 

On March 4, along with 120+ other students, I attended a 4-day "educational" tour to the attractions of Ilocos. The tour started with an educational trip to San Roque dam and Holcim Cement Plant. The days that followed were mostly trips to resorts and beaches, pre summer vacation, in short. Having made friends and memories, missing 4 days worth of lectures was worth it. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I wonder what it feels like to fall from the top floor of my school building
Just for curiosity's sake, I wander into imagining the sensation of falling,
Falling out of depression, of hate,
of emotions mixed up, messed up
I wonder what the people around would do, what they would think or feel

as they see the person falling,
wishing he didn't let go...
then crashing

I wonder what he thinks about while he's falling, what he would feel while crashing
How fast everything becomes,
if there would be a flashback

or there would be regret,
if there would be peace

or there would be pain

I wonder