Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I just have to say, this is the most that a comment/suggestion by an insignificant person has bothered me. It's been three days since I read the comment and I just can't stop thinking about it. I don't know but I think this is the most lazy reasoning I've ever encountered.Now I don't like mocking people whom I'm not close with but this is one I simply can't pass.

The comment tries to point out that instructors shouldn't use powerpoint presentations when discussing because there are no lectures for the students to write and those who don't have PC's or access to the internet still need to rent at cyber cafes to have a copy of the presentations.

To clarify, when he said lectures, I think he's referring to that instance when the teacher is writing on the board and the students are copying what the teacher is writing and the teacher waits for the students to finish copying what she wrote before she starts discussing what she wrote on the board. I'd say clearly reminiscent of high school, if not elementary days.

So here's what I think of this.

Disregarding the technical difference between notes and lectures, it's a very very lazy reason not to use powerpoint presentations during discussions because "there are no lectures to write" For one, students are supposed to take notes on what the instructor is discussing because I think humans are capable of multitasking, that is writing while listening and/or comprehending and so, I think humans of collegiate level can take notes as the instructor is discussing. And I think a college student is capable of comprehension and segregation of important facts from less important ones so I think he/she knows which to take note of and which not to. Oh, and I also think they only do those lecture things in high school and elementary.

And lastly, to reason out that others have to rent computers just to have a copy of the instructor's presentation is irrelevant.Why? Because one, we already had the opportunity to take notes during the discussion; two, computer rental is free inside the campus; three, computer rental off-campus is relatively cheap; four, we can possibly request for a hard copy of the presentation from the instructor. This could go on and I think it's what we call diskarte.


You're already in fourth year college so stop being a baby and act like one; think like one.

It'd only take a little effort from you to appreciate the effort the instructor puts in his/her presentation.

I rest my case.