Saturday, May 25, 2013


That despite having tried to remove you from my life, 
I once again find myself crawling back to the fantasy
of wanting to hold you in my arms, and never letting go
of weaving dreams around you, and be one with you forever

A day after completing my required hours of training at a construction site in Q.C., I returned to finish some paper work in the office and get my certificate of completion. I found myself going back on the field where I spent most of my training hours with my supervisor. I saw my fellow trainees being oriented on the tasks that I usually did, and were being taught on the use of the surveying instruments which I usually operated during my stay. Even with just a day's lapse, seeing my fellow trainees there made me wish that I didn't have to leave, to stop training, that maybe I was hoping that would be my permanent job. Or something of that sort. 
I had a fruitful 8 weeks on the site but I wasn't able to thank all the people that made those weeks fruitful for me. And I found myself leaving with a heavy heart; part of me wanted to stay and work some more, but part of me was excited to go and have a vacation before the eventual final year of my student life. Maybe someday, I'll be back.

That having met you again after a long time, I reminisce
I recall the past which I hoped could have been the present
and I begin to fall for you over and over
and I'm madly hopeful that soon, I'd be able to tell you
with the deepest of my sincerity
and the sincerest of my feelings
that I'll always be for you
until you take my breath away