Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The C' Experience

Yesterday, our parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary. As a pre-celebration, we decided to have dinner the previous Sunday at one of the most famous restaurants in Angeles. C' Italian Dining is an Italian restaurant situated along Clark's perimeter road somewhere in between the red district and Korea town. Prices of the food were a bit steep for a normal dinner but for special occasions, it was fine spending a bit more. And every centavo was well worth it.

For starters, we had a Kristina Panizza. This is their best seller and their specialty so we had it before the appetizer. Hungry that we were, it really didn't matter which came first    
 So, basically, it is a thin crust rectangular pizza without the tomato sauce. It's crispy on the edge and a bit soft in the middle and comes comes with arugula leaves.
Before eating it, take a slice, put some leaves on and roll it like this .

Next was risotto. 
It's similar to lugaw only, it has a thicker consistency and the rice is not as watery and soft. It had shrimps cooked perfectly, not too gummy, not too soft. 
It also had tomato chunks and tasted like no lugaw we've ever had befor, as quoted by my brother. It tastes good. Actually, everything tastes good. 

 Next was the main course.  Spaghetti with meat balls and a serving of honey glazed roasted pork ribs
 The spaghetti sauce was a bit chunky and a bit watery but the consistency was good altogether. The noodles was cooked al dente the way I liked it. The meatballs were juicy but tasted plain.
The roasted pork with honey glaze was cooked nicely. It was soft but not too soft that the slices easily disintegrated. It was also meaty, that is, there was little fat. It also came with this mashed-patato-like corn thing. I really can't recall what they call it but it had hints of corn and potatoes topped on what seemed like broccoli leaves. 
 Unfortunately, we didn't get to have desert.

So, all in all, the dining experience was good. The ambiance was comfortable and had a unique feel to it.  Too bad we only get to eat there during special occasions.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Falling star

And when the night is set to end 
close your eyes and you will see 
that bright spot glowing in the darkness still 
as you are rushing into a bright dawn 
hoping tomorrow would come out 
with something different 
chasing you from this monotonous darkness and still 
it will ever grow bright  like it were tonight

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Splash Of Ice-Cold Morning Water

In a few days I'd be a month old at my new school and so far, I'm pissed, though not only at some of my classmates but also at myself.
This Monday, we had our first quiz in Geometry. All was expected to go well because the quiz was simply about plotting points and computing for coordinates. Then again, underestimating aside, 5 minutes before the time and I still haven't finished answering, or solving. Actually, I had answers, but no solution to prove one of them. Just one! And my day can't get any better seeing my classmates cheating even after being told by the instructor not to. One even took pictures of his seatmate's paper.
A while ago, the results from last week's quiz in our technical writing class were released. Guess what, I got a disappointing 31 out of 40! Apparently, I misheard one of the instructions and instead of a 12, I got a 5. It's really frustrating since I'v been trying, if not struggling, to be proficient in English even just in writing.
Now, the worst part of my day started before it ended; it being the day. For my last subject for the day, we had another quiz. That should be the third for the day. Anyway, the quiz was for a review in Physics where the topics were computation of absolute pressure, weight at a given gravity, temperature conversion, and specific volume computations. I should know all about these since I took my physics units in the best University in the country, yet I'm looking at a possible 70% high score. How come? Over confidence, I suppose. I thought I didn't have to review these stuff since it's all elementary and I've been through these already.
I think it's time I wake up from the delusion of being a better student since I've been in that great University for over a course's duration. All I need is a jumpstart for a new outlook, a change in perspective. I can't always be better than those around me but I can best my self.
On the other hand, one of the three quizzes I had today was in Theology. The topic was on sex and sexuality; And I got a point over the highest score. Then again, I can't begin to think why I could easily get a high score on Theology and a disconcerting grade on a Physics subject. Is it the subject or is it the topic...? Sigh!