Monday, April 26, 2010

Something for Si

Paikut-ikot ang mundo. Minsan umaabot sa ito na'y nakakalito, nakakahilo. Tataas, bababa, paikut-ikot, paulit-ulit, pero di nakakasawa. Madalas nga ito'y nakakatuawa.

I see her sweet smile
by the corner of my eye
in the middle of the night
with the starry starry skies
as I feel her look at me
through the thick of the canopy
But as I tried to look at her
she pulled and looked away
Like acting innocent
from a crime that has been made
how it felt weird
that maybe she didn't really stare
that maybe I was just hoping
that somehow I might have been dreaming
for that sweet smile to have been for me
That sweet smile
She looks so gentle, so innocent
with lips like an angel's,
with eyes that glitter with life
with a face striking in simplicity
all I see is beauty and
That sweet smile
Dream and hope I'd favor
that someday through this time,
she could be mine
and I, be hers
I'd do everything
whatever it may take
I wont hold back
I have a big C on Si.

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