Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nine Days

Drinking. No, I should stop drinking. But wait, I can't. It's just so fun, the things that happen when people are drunk. Then again, it's not always the case. I've been to many binge drinking or anything close to that, and most of them were fun. What takes the fun from it all is when you're the last one standing and you have to take care of at least 2 drunk people. Then again, two drunk people could spell out fun as good as 2 sober comedians. Especially when those two don't usually drink. Oh by the way, I think I should stop you from imagining stuff cause this is a wholesome blog.

It all happened four nights ago. It was past 10pm and I didn't feel like going home yet so I invited some friends to drink at this beer bar, or something, somewhere near. Oh the things that happen when I get bored. Anyway, we all ended drinking at some friends' house. At first, I had the impression that people thought I was inviting them to drink because I had to be all mushy, dramatic, and spill out every tear I could. I was, after all, emo most of the time during that week so maybe I could release some. hahaha. I began telling my story while we drank. It somehow got long because, by the end of my story, someone was already sitting on the floor leaning her head on the armrest of a green sofa. And another one has just stopped typing her thesis and started ranting in English. Then the atmosphere got tense for me because the one seated on the floor started crying and saying serious stuff to me. And then it got fun. For some reason, the one ranting started crying too. I can't tell any further for curiosity's sake though it was quite possibly my most memorable drink ever. hahaha.

People do all sorts of things when they get drunk. I, for instance, have once told someone in a text message that I l......ove her(oh the shame) even if I haven't really met her. Some people do fun things, some people don't. But I don't want to talk about either. I would like to reserve my judgement to people's personalities when they are drunk.
We drink for different purposes. I drink for the people and the food. Alcohol makes story telling much more fun. It makes interaction with others more open, less hypocritical. And that's how it gets exciting. Add deep secrets and grudges and you get an interesting night with people you thought you knew.
If that night could happen again, I tell you, I won't quit drinking. I'll never quit drinking. I'll drink and have the time of my life again.
That night, that night is how I'd want to spend these few weeks, these few days. A night which I could spend time with people close to me where we could all be ourselves, laugh at our selves, laugh at each other, and wake up the next morning wishing that the previous night didn't happen and hoping it will happen again. I do hope it will happen again. And I do hope, them person could be there. XD

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