Sunday, March 6, 2011

2 weeks

I'm 16 days from the end of the semester and I'm not that enthusiastic. My mind is a mess that I can't even tell how I'm feeling towards this. Then again, I don't want this to just pass me by with a big frown on my face. And I'm glad that I still have a reason to smile.
I remember my first day in U.P..
How it felt when I was asked to commute from pampanga to my then residence somewhere in U.P. Village on a Sunday afternoon(which was my first commute to manila alone).
How my first meal was a hot dog sandwich from ministop and a bottle of water.
How I waited for my first class which was ES1 with a classmate who was busy reading the bible.
How excited I was to go home that tuesday since I had no class till wednesday afternoon.
How I waited for my math class that wednesday since I misread the schedule on my form.(note that during those times, wednesday was the freeday)
How I had my first cut where I played DotA at a nearby computer shop instead of attending my ever complicated math class which I eventually dropped for some reason rather than just incapacity to pursue.
How I attended an acquaintance party and went home(pampanga) after.
How amazed I was when I attended the FOPC thing.
How I got to be called by a very farfetched name during a unity night thing while wearing a red polo.
How I always waited for a bus at SM north during fridays.
How I always went home during tuesdays.
How I got to pass the sem with ten units.
How I got to meet new friends aside from my batchmates and select orgmates.
How I had my first U.P. fair, my first U.P. crush, my first U.P. 5, my first P.E. and so many firsts.

After four years, or so, I think I could still narrate so much. Then again, I'd dedicate another post for that.
Despite all that happened, nothing could get more memorable than that day. That day when, in spite of all the grief I had, you got to make me smile like I never before. I'm glad that you gave me a reason to be so.


Robby's Rabbit said...

how do you break a tear so easily, you asked me once.

among the answers is that it's so difficult not to feel anything whenever i read something as poignant as this post. the first part, when you enumerated your 'firsts' in UP, i felt like you're really gonna miss all those small things.

here's to hoping that you'll have awesome firsts at your new place.

PS. don't worry, lawi is your neighbor, i live relatively nearby, we can always drag archer's and buduy's asses to san fernando and there's a computer shop in front of villa julita. long live my. ^_^

jrldizon said...

I-chronicle mo rin ang "last day" mo Bong, hehe. Para lang nostalgic. :D