Saturday, February 12, 2011

flying high with vampires

Do you believe them?
At first I didn't. But now, I do.
Yes, I believe in vampires.
But then again, let me put it in perspective.
I met vampires.
Red eyes but not much with the sharp fangs.
No dramatic bat-like coats.
Just casual.
They laugh at anything.
They easily get hungry.
They'd desperately open a tin of tuna even without a proper can opener.
And contrary to belief, they aren't exclusive to blood sucking.
In fact, some of them are vegetarian.
Also, they aren't afraid of garlic.
They even love it on their rice.
They don't sleep. Well, not till they've filled with their drink.
And contrary to belief, they aren't afraid of the sun.
They just won't wake up early.
They suck.
The more they suck in, the redder their eyes get.
Maybe that's why their eyes are so crimson.
And after sucking, they'd invite you to some.
And it's OK to refuse.
I did.
Because what they love sucking, is not what you might think is blood.
But rather, something that Ted Mosby would refer to as a "sandwich"
And that's how they become vampires.
And I'm not to judge.

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