Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On Dreaming of Cars

 Recently, we've been visiting showrooms in manila, checking out new cars without actually any intention of buying. It's a family(i.e. my brother, my father, and I) thing that we round showrooms from high end to local car dealers to tease our eyes and try what nice cars we could dream of accommodating in our garage. On mother's day, we visited a Porsche dealer since my dad got interested with this silver one and he wanted my mom to take a look at it. Just to look at it.

If I'm honest, I had my fingers crossed hoping the slightest of possibilities that he would buy this one. Realistically enough, with what my parents earn and with all our expenses, all we could afford is a Japanese econobox on a car loan so no, my hopes were too high. But then again, we really weren't looking to buy any  that day so, moving on... 

There was this one car I totally fell in love with: a Lexus GS. Among the cars I saw that day, this was actually the least attractive. But then again, something more than the exterior simply swept me away

The sales rep entertaining us at the showroom gladly showed us a demo unit which we could actually turn on. And upon her turning the ignition on, I simply got mesmerized. It's not really a looker on the outside but when you get inside, you get that strange feeling you're in something different.

 If you think about it, when driving a car, it's the interior that really matters. And oh yes, this interior is something really special. I know I've seen much more elegant, much more beautiful cars but this one, I guess, would be my dream car. It's not as ostentatious as the Porsche that one would look like an idiotic show off yet it's not so common looking that one'd be mistaken for public transport (i.e. taxi) Probably more than a dream, hopefully someday, I could afford one.

Oh, and here's another dream car.
Before going back home, we passed by this bank's stockyard and passed upon this flawless repossessed beauty covered in dust. My father actually had a chance to borrow a similar one from a friend. But, since this one's too fragile and too high maintenance, he had to return it after less than 12 hours use.I feel bad for the previous owner of this Jaguar who was only able clock a little over 900 on the odometer. With such a nice car, who wouldn't want a joy ride? Dreaming on...

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