Thursday, November 3, 2011


> Ma'am, magpapasa lang po ng appeal. 
- Hah, bat ngayon lang? Di na kami tumatanggap ng appeal e. Sabi ni Doc. P wala na daw tatanggaping appeal.
> Ganun po ba? Di na po ba talaga pwede?
- Nasakanya na lahat  e, di na raw siya tatanggap. Teka, nandyan siya, hintayin mo, sakanya ka makiusap.
+ What do you need?
> Sir, I'll just pass my letter of Appeal. I've been dism...
+ Sorry, I can't help you there. You had enough time to pass that appeal. You don't even know how to sign your name!
> Sir, please give me one more chance. I waited for the line at the admin office that's why I wasn't able to pass it earlier.

+ OK, I'll give you a chance to defend your case.
+ Hurry up, I don't have all time!
> I'm sorry sir, here's my situation. I was dismissed....blah blah.
+ You're lucky to have gone this far. Your grades are barely satisfactory. Swerte ka ngayon ka palang nadidismiss. Can you tell me why you failed these?
> Sir kasi po... blahblah
+ Is that it? You're just telling me what's written on your letter. Can't you expound more?
> Uhm sir, I failed because....
+ You know what, I don't think I can believe you. I'm not saying your lying but I don't believe your excuse.
+ I'm very sorry for your situation but for this semester, I can't accept you in this department. You have to find another department or college that will accept you.
> But sir, please give me one more chance.
+ I'm very sorry. You know, we always have cases like yours and I know how bad you feel, but for now, I can't give you another chance. 

This was how my last enrollment in the college of engineering went. And yes, the interview is still very fresh in my memory. After a year, I think I've been able to move on and settle with where I am now. While I do feel regret from time to time, I know I'm in a better place. Then again, I really miss that life, and those people. Sigh. Here's to a better second semester! XD

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