Thursday, December 16, 2010


The Show

The bell started ringing at half past fourth

He rushed down to see and stood by the door

Thinking if life was worth opening it

He just waited till it was half past fifth

That which was gloomy started to feel light

The chill of that be started to feel warmth

The long deep silence was broken by the ringing

The feeling got different like he was floating

The ringing paused for a while and then grew louder

He was rearing to open for time ran faster

But there was hesitation he can’t go further

For there by the door with him there stood another

That other he knew, he too, wanted to open

For that other he knew has long been waiting for that moment

For that other he knew, he knew, felt the same

For that other he knew, he was a friend who too hesitates

The light that came started to be gloom

The warmth that caressed started to chill

There came the long pause but still there was ringing

He tried to walk away but his thoughts were colliding

Should he let the other, the friend, do the opening

And wait for another for the door for the ringing

Or open the door, loose the friend without knowing

If the person who was ringing was for the other or for him

Forever stood there by the door wanting, waiting

For the proper moment, for the other, both hesitating

For amidst the lapse and all that were happening

He knew somehow it was his that was ringing

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