Saturday, November 20, 2010


There's nothing to blog about.

Not the fact that I'm still confused about some stuff though I like that sense of uncertainty this brings because, well, it makes tomorrow worth waiting for

Not the fact that I hate jeepneys or perhaps their drivers who don't follow traffic rules, who clog the street and stop wherever they want to, who don't give the exact change or pretend they'd forgotten about it, who drive like maniacs on the road, and especially those who say "naghahanap buhay lang" whenever confronted by an accident, a road raged person, or a traffic rules enforcer due to their behavior.

Not the fact that I think almost all traffic signs and similar stuff in text(no jaywalking, no beggars, no loading unloading parking, no etc.) written in english are stupid because not everyone who is supposed to understand the sign can read, and that not everyone who is supposed to read the sign understands english.

Not the fact that I still am deeply in love with traffic/transportation engineering despite my current status

Not the fact that I still feel ambivalent on my haggard free second week of the second semester

Not even the fact that I had a blast, probably one of the wildest nights I had with a couple of agupips, last tuesday.

And finally, not even the fact that ________ made me __________ the whole day! Haha!


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