Friday, July 23, 2010

The Walk

Awhile ago, I had one of my most emotion-inducing moments in college. Not that I always have those moments. It’s just that, awhile ago, I never expected to have a me-time. I never have these moments save for love-life related issues. And so it goes.
I went back to the dorm early since I figured I’d have nothing much to do at the Agu-tambayan and I felt like resting or doing some computer stuff. As is to be planned, after the people are done doing non-lakwatsa stuff, I’d invite them to dinner and to hang out someplace. Seemingly, plans don’t really work out as I please.
At past 8pm, I started inviting people to dinner through SMS. I was getting pretty hungry since the last meal I had was approximately 10 hours ago, and it wasn’t really what I call a fulfilling meal. 10 minutes passed yet I still haven’t received a single reply from the people I contacted. I signed a late permit at the dorm desk as I thought I’d be having a long night. Since no one yet replied, I decided to go and have a light snack at the nearest convenience store, which was about a couple hundred meters away from the dorm. The walk seemed long and my mind was wandering to all sorts of stuff from academics to where people could possibly be at the moment. Still no reply.
Arriving at the convenience store, I felt a bit at a lost since I forgot what I wanted to do and I was getting impatient with my blank cell phone. I walked to and fro, deciding what to do next. I thought, maybe people were still busy so I decided to while away time by walking to Philcoa, which was probably more than a kilometer away. The walk probably lasted 20mins or so.
During the walk, I had the chance to think deep. Here I am walking alone, with one of my tsinelas giving a hint of a possible disaster, thinking why I am alone, why I am doing what I am, why I am where I am. A part of me started mocking my situation making me recall how I made fun of a friend who probably had a similar experience a few days ago. Then, the child in me started chanting “iiyak na yan!” in my head. Then I felt a weird sensation. Maybe this would be the last walk in this place I’ll ever have as a U.P. student. I haven’t been working/doing well on my studies since I’m still in bakasyon mode, and it sucks.
Arriving at Philcoa, I received my first interesting reply, followed by some. It seemed people have either had dinner, or are still doing something. I didn’t want to eat alone so I tried to wait. I stood in front of Jollibee, looking at the long and vast Commonwealth avenue trying to think about stuff. Almost a thousand cars have passed. It was an hour or so later before a friend came. My good dorm mate joined me in having a take-out meal! In the end, I had dinner alone in my room. Oh well.


jrldizon said...

Naalala ko si Daphne. Haha!

Nailakad ko na rin ang Mini Stop to Philcoa once. Nung Milenyo, hehe! Hindi masyado umuulan pero super lakas ng hangin. Kasama ko sina Joms, Por at Paul. Wala kami makain sa Mini Stop kaya nag-take-out sa Jollibee, hehe.

Bawi sa acads, Bong! Haha. Huwag gagaya sa akin. ;D

potografo said...

haha. Nung milenyo pa! Well, if you think about it, di naman talaga ganun kalayo yung Philcoa from ministop. Anyway, yep, I'm trying my best to keep up with my acads. Medyo nahihirapan lang din ako sa ibang subjects since parang out of this world na ang discussions and all. Hahahaa

Michael said...

EMO! or baka nagkakaquarter life crisis ka na?haha