Sunday, January 20, 2013

Initiating Retaliation

There's been a lingering issue in school concerning the university administration and the employees' union. The admin seems to be suppressing it since no literature about the issue is allowed to be posted or circulated around campus. I guess the difference between public and private schools goes beyond quality. Freedom of expression, I think, only goes to extents that preserve the interests of the owners of the school. It sucks.

I've been chasing this dream for a significant time already. I've never been open to talking about it since the only time I tried to spit my guts out, all I recieved was a reluctant reaction I felt void of assurance. Up to now, progress seems negligible. So, after many years, I think it's time that I close the door to that certain past, stop chasing the dream, hope for the best and look forward to a more attainable one.

I missed the last 2 meetings of my culinary class. I've been making petty reasons for me not to attend, much like what I did a few years back in college, but I still want to attend the classes. I'm in dire need of another wake up call since aside from this, I did not do as well as I was hoping in my prelim exams and I'm kind of experiencing a bit of mental anxiety and a bit of inferiority complex. Maybe I just need a drink or two.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Etchy Sketchy

I've been struggling to write about stuff for quite some time now. And I've been practicing with my graphic tablet. Hopefully, I could do more in the future.