Friday, February 17, 2012

My Biggest Heartbreak

This is not really about the girl who tore my heart to pieces, though that could have been an equally interesting story as it is boring. It started with my professor recalling advising me during my enrollment regarding one of my subjects which shouldn't have been credited. That was the enrollment for my first semester in this university. After his recollection, he started asking me different questions, confirming that I transferred from this certain university, and asking me how and why it happened, among others. For almost 7 months now, this was the first time I got to talk with much gusto in any of my classes. What's more, it's the first time I got to talk to anyone about this. I told my story without feeling remorseful as I've carried this feeling for more than a year now and I think I've already moved on. Then the questions "What's it like there?" and "How is it different from here?" came up. I tried to stick with how academics was there since I didn't want to open up too much and before I knew it, I was reminiscing and telling myself how much much better everything was there. The conversation ended with the professor complimenting how good the foundations of my statics know-how was though I really doubt he was serious. And now I realize I haven't really moved on, and I know, it would take more than a year to do so.

On a quite different but relevant note, I was in Katips the other day at 4 in the morning playing L4D after attending the University Fair when I suddenly felt like going home to the dorm I last stayed in before transferring. I recalled the feeling I had snuggling comfortably on my double deck and sleeping early in the morning as I've been out the whole evening. I terribly miss that.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Smiles Apart

On a bipolar, over-thinking, 4-rules-for-a-happy-life-breaking note, I have to applaud you for having made me wait for so long, expect for nothing, assume the improbable, wait for something in return. With that, I'm gracious. Let me wait some more.