Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mi Nuna

I can’t remember when I started doing this.

I can’t even tell why I started doing this.

In a nutshell maybe, I like people knowing what I think, what I feel.

I am not vocal on these things because my mouth doesn’t know how to talk.

It, I think, was only meant for sarcasm, for criticism, for ridicule, for casual talk.

Never for praise, for compliment, for something serious.

Because, God knows, when things get serious, I escape.

I shut down.

But then this came; my very first blog.

No, it’s not this blog, this blog.

My first ever.

Where most are whims of my spirited teenage years.

As I start rereading, I can’t help mock my self.

I don’t see myself like this today.

And I can’t stop laughing at my self, laughing at my thoughts.

These were thoughts from a shut mouth, words from a closed mind

These words were from a time when I was crazy over a lot of things.

These words were from me.

But now, I can’t see myself saying these things.

Times change, and it can’t be helped.

For now, this would be just a part of an uncertain past, a piece of a certain memory.

A time when I was new at an awesome environment.

A time when I was young at a special family.