Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Emo Sheet ii

The So Ano Na One

There was silence, deep meaningless silence.
I didn't want to talk to you because you placed me in a situation I hated.
That night started it all. That text message started it all.
I felt bad how you treated the message.
And you put me in that situation where I regret.

Weeks have passed and still there was silence.
I wondered if you didn't notice because you kept your own.
You lived your own.
I was beginning to accept the possibility that this would be how it ends, how it should end.
But I tried to wait.

Now we're here, not knowing where to stand. Confused.
I've broken the silence, and so have you.
But something is still missing.
I'm here waiting.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Emo Sheet I

The Fat One

It's just simple.
I don't like giving compliments.
I don't like expressing appreciation.
Especially with friends.
I think people who say good things about other people, especially those who regularly do, need something back, want something back.
I don't need that.
For me, it's enough that people stay despite my attitude towards them.
It's what true friends are.
They'll stay despite everything that goes wrong with you.
They'll accept you for who you are, for what you are.
That's what I really appreciate.
However, to show my appreciation, I don't use words.
Words are for fools.
Nobody takes a "thank you" seriously, especially from someone who seemingly barely means it.
And that's what gifts are for.
For people who are true.
For people who know how to accept others.
For people like you.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


The Show

The bell started ringing at half past fourth

He rushed down to see and stood by the door

Thinking if life was worth opening it

He just waited till it was half past fifth

That which was gloomy started to feel light

The chill of that be started to feel warmth

The long deep silence was broken by the ringing

The feeling got different like he was floating

The ringing paused for a while and then grew louder

He was rearing to open for time ran faster

But there was hesitation he can’t go further

For there by the door with him there stood another

That other he knew, he too, wanted to open

For that other he knew has long been waiting for that moment

For that other he knew, he knew, felt the same

For that other he knew, he was a friend who too hesitates

The light that came started to be gloom

The warmth that caressed started to chill

There came the long pause but still there was ringing

He tried to walk away but his thoughts were colliding

Should he let the other, the friend, do the opening

And wait for another for the door for the ringing

Or open the door, loose the friend without knowing

If the person who was ringing was for the other or for him

Forever stood there by the door wanting, waiting

For the proper moment, for the other, both hesitating

For amidst the lapse and all that were happening

He knew somehow it was his that was ringing

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The Drive

I can't tell what went wrong
The silence was deafening
A few moments ago, we were on a roll.
Words can't fit the minutes that passed.
As we ran the streets of the city.
Trying to find a way
To delay
Just to be there
Alone with you in the car
Driving in circles.
Passing by where we should be.
Savoring the moment
the talk
And when we were about to part
The words left our mouth
I tried to break the silence
But it didn't last
We just had to part in silence
Why it ended that way
I hope it stayed that day